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Since always, I am passionate about travelling and I have made it a philosophy of life! I hold a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Industry and Tourism, and I organize international 8 events in France and abroad since more than 10 years ago. Before specializing myself in the events organisation, I worked for tour-operators and travel agencies, where I designed and marketed custom-built travels. Organized, smiling and multilingual, I offer you my expertise and my rigour!


For several years, I accompany, I support and surrounds each person wishing to realize a project. I hold a Masters in economy, law and project management, I specialized in the project management expertise. Then I was trained as a wedding planner and designer in one of the biggest training schools in Paris.

Creative, dedicated and above all a good listener, I set all my energy to support you in the most important project of your life: your wedding.

Us for you !


Our experiences and temperaments are perfectly complimentary. We love to organize, plan and anticipate everything. We provide you with our network in France and abroad. We share our expertise and creativity with you to make your event unique, magical, unforgettable, as you had always imagined... ;)

Contact us: info@moodevent.fr


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